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Our highly qualified team is always available and ready to help.

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We are ready and available to team up with our distributors for joint sales calls.

Product Training

We conduct branch training sessions on a regular basis with our distributors. We also have state of the art presentations tailor made for OEMs.

Engineering Support

All of the companies we represent have a full engineering staff ready to travel and assist our customers on location.

Application Help

We have experienced sales people that know how to best apply our products to our customer’s needs.

Custom Products

Our Products lines all offer custom or made-to-print items. You don’t have to worry if you cannot find it in our catalog.

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G&F Associates is a leader in the manufacturer’s representative industry. We are also a proud partner of the PTRA. We want to team up and work with you and your company today!

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Combined with the strength of world class customer service and support from all of our principals, our specialists at G&F are armed with many years of experience and knowledge to help you with your daily needs.

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